4 Melrose Place, Field Street, Mossel Bay

Diaz Beach
Santos Beach
The Point

Point Village

Two magnificent tidal pools to explore with a whole lot to do’s.
Awesome atmosphere. The restaurants and bars in the area each have a unique character, all within walking distance.

Beacon Point

A peaceful atmosphere with the mountains in the background together with the walkway along the ocean adds to a relaxing experience.

Mosselbay Central

Mosselbay Central has a large variety of restaurants, coffee shops and pubs all within walking distance.

De Bakke

De Bakke Beach is one of the country’s prestigious blue flag beaches. An ideal beach for swimming, also an excellent water sports beach. Surfing, canoeing, snorkeling and fishing are among some of the many popular activities here, During the second half of the year, visitors will be able to spot whales as they skirt the shoreline and entertain onlookers.

Santos Beach

The wide, sandy beach offers breath- taking views of the whole of Mosselbay, the Harbour, the ocean and the remarkable Outenique Mountains. 

Diaz Beach

From a golden beach to take long peaceful walks on, to a variety of family activities. Diaz has it all.